List Geeks Create the Ultimate Year-Long To-Do List

I love lists.  I REALLY love to-do lists.  I have a notebook of lists that I keep with me at all times that is filled with lists of things...

I love lists.  I REALLY love to-do lists.  I have a notebook of lists that I keep with me at all times that is filled with lists of things I want to do, things I should do, things I have to do.  Crossing things off lists is like a drug to me.  Trav is the same.  We are List Geeks.

As Trav and I prepare for our sailing adventure, we would keep thinking of things we need to do and then immediately forgetting them and saying to each other, "What was that really important thing we should do right away?  I JUST said it, what was it?!?"  After that happened a few times we we realized we needed to have a really big, really visual to-do list to keep us on track.  There is SO much we need to do, and other families we have read about who have left their homes and jobs to go sailing usually take 2-3 years to plan and organize themselves.  The Julia Family has 9 months until we leave Telluride and one single jam-packed year until we set sail.  Can we do it? Well, yes of course we can.  (Positivity is power, baby.)

So here's our giant to-do list.  It's a year-long timeline, decorated with waves (my amatuer artistry) mounted on a vintage map of the world.  We hung it on the wall of a big landing on our stairwell and we all walk by it about 1,000 times per day.  Notice that at the top it says "Giant War Map"-- it was produced during WWII so people could keep track of battles.  Since we are hippie pacifists, I prefer to think of our map as a war on time slipping by.

So what's on our to-do list these days?  Well, there's crazy-big stuff like "BUY A SAILBOAT" and "RENT OUR HOUSE".  There's little stuff like "DOWNLOAD BOOKS, MUSIC, MOVIES FROM LIBRARY" and "SELL GEAR AT SKI-SWAP".  There's stuff we don't feel like doing like "MOUSE-PROOF OWNER'S CLOSET".  And there's really fun stuff like "MAKE AMAZON WISH LIST AND SHARE WITH FAMILY MEMBERS".  There's also a lot of exciting/daunting/interesting things on the list such as "LEARN PHOTOGRAPHY", "LEARN HOW TO CUT HAIR, "TAKE WILDERNESS FIRST AID COURSE", "LEARN DIESEL ENGINE REPAIR" and "MASTER THE UKELELE".  Does it sound to you like we're going to be busy over the next year?

Two of the sticky notes on the map that I think are the most important are at the top, in the center.  They read, "LIVE IN THE MOMENT" and "ENJOY TELLURIDE".  With all of this planning, dreaming, and excitement for the future, it might be easy to lose sight of the here and now, and we are determined not to do that.  After all, it's not like we're going sailing to run away from lives we don't like. We LOVE our lives here, and we're committed to living this year to the fullest, doing Telluride right.  That's why we also added to the list, "MAKE TELLURIDE *FUN* CHECKLIST."  Do you see what we did there?  We added "MAKE A LIST" to our list. That's what I'm talking about...List Geeks.  


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  1. Auntie Kel can help you check off the learn to cut hair post it!! <3

  2. I'm loving your adventure already!!! xo

  3. I love following your adventure already!! xo

  4. You forgot "buy scratch tickets; lots & lots of scratch tickets!"

  5. LIST GEEK POWER! love me them lists too :)


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