Goodbye Telluride, Hello MARSHMALLOW! (And we're all going nuts, BTW)

Marshmallow gets prepped for take off! Two weeks ago, Trav and I were driving a Land Rover Discovery and a 2013 Toyota Tacoma.  Today, t...

Marshmallow gets prepped for take off!
Two weeks ago, Trav and I were driving a Land Rover Discovery and a 2013 Toyota Tacoma.  Today, these are our wheels.  She's a 1995 Chevy van with a blue velvet interior.  She's got a TV/VCR unit that plays VHS tapes and she smells like a former smoking room at the Days Inn. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet "Marshmallow"!!  (Naming credit goes to Vivian). Every single item we are taking with us to start our new life fits inside (or on top) of Marshmallow.  The plan is that Marshmallow will take us to Maine, and then in October, to Florida.  We are about to become very well acquainted with Marshmallow.  I hope she likes us.

In typical Julia fashion, the launch that was supposed to happen on Monday is happening today (Thursday), but it's 9 am and Trav is still emailing clients and finishing billing and doesn't look like he'll be done any time soon.  At this rate, we may still be here when our renters arrive.  (We'll all bunk in together, I bet they'll LOVE that!)

The house is an echoey shell, everything packed and stored away.  We've been sleeping in sleeping bags because I washed the bedding and put it all away 3 days ago. We have signs on 3 out of 4 bathrooms that say DO NOT USE because I scrubbed them to an immaculate shine and they're going to stay that way.  Last night was our last night sleeping in this house we love.  I was expecting to have some sort of ceremony or special moment or family hug or something but we were all so exhausted and stressed out there was none of that whatsoever.  The kids tumbled like dirty zombies into their sleeping bags, Trav worked on property management stuff until super late, and I made a disgustingly sweet bowl of oatmeal mixed with a packet of Swiss Miss dry instant cocoa and ate it while watching Orange is the New Black, the episode where we find out why Crazy Eyes is in prison, and it seriously upset and disturbed me.  It was not a good night.

Now it's the morning, the supposed morning of our departure, and I keep creeping into Trav's office, asking him if he needs any help and when he thinks he might be done.  I know I am not actually helping when I do this, but I can't stop.  WE NEED TO LEAVE TODAY!!  We absolutely, positively need to be in Maine by the 10th because Trav has an important family thing and we have to be there. It's a 40 hour drive to Maine, and if we don't leave today we'll have to rush there and we'll be miserable the entire drive.  I'm also trying not to think about the fact that Marshmallow's AC isn't working and Trav fixed it himself using some kind of epoxy, a technique he learned on YouTube.

 I think that I'd be sad about leaving Telluride and all of the people and things we love here but I'm too stressed out to think about it.  Maybe that's a good thing.  SIGH. Until next time friends, we send heaps and bucketloads of love and appreciation and gratitude to everyone who has helped us, hugged us, and wished us well on our journey.  Thank you, Telluride. We love you so.
(Now cross your fingers for us! xo)


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  1. WOW! That is powerful writing, and I hae a tear running down my cheek. Sure wish we had been there to help. No matter how long it takes, safety comes first, so donot hurry. (I know you know that, but mom had to say t! Love you all -- safe journey!

  2. Jen, Happy Trails! I cannot believe that it is here and you are launched. I am so proud of you and know that it will be amazing the good, the bad and all the little things in between. Lois


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