Introducing My Newest Project...Moxie Script Service!

One of my original plays, available on So here we are back in our old stomping grounds, the beautiful state o...

One of my original plays, available on
So here we are back in our old stomping grounds, the beautiful state of Maine.  Trav and I both grew up here, and we are home to visit our families.  I won't kid you-- being back in the USA after 6 months outside of it has been a strange, surreal adjustment.  I've found myself being confused by things that used to be normal, things we don't do in other countries, like signing for a credit card with our fingers on a screen.  Or reading all the signs in English.  Or going into ENORMOUS grocery stores with a million things to buy. Or driving down the road without motorcycles darting at us from every direction.  It feels new and exciting and old and familiar at the same time.  Traveling is all about change.  We'll be here in Maine until August 1st, then back to Cabarete, DR.  November 1st, we're back on Moxie and the second year of sailing/adventuring/craziness will commence.

But in the meantime, I've been working on something new that I'm extremely excited about: MOXIE SCRIPT SERVICE.  Many of you know that before I was a struggling first mate on Moxie, I was a pretty decent (or at least more confidant) children's theatre director and playwright.  One of my favorite things about working with kids has always been creating original scripts for them.  There are few things as interesting or appealing to me as the language, ideals, agendas, thoughts and feelings of children, and when I write scripts for young actors, I feel most alive, inventive and honest as a playwright.  Over my 17 years as a playwright and director many families and audience members have encouraged me to make my work available to other directors and teachers. I never had time to do so, until now. (Not having a regular job makes a lot of things possible, I've found. Who knew?!) I teamed up with my insanely talented sister, Sarah Nyman of Outside Blue Line (that's her web design design/branding/creative content business) to build my new website,  Many (but not all) of the scripts that I have written for young actors are available there to rent.

I have a certain style, intention, and passion as a playwright, and I guess the best way to explain all of that is to quote my website:

 "Do you remember what plays were like when you were in school? I do. A few kids got to play big, interesting roles. The rest of the characters in the play were non-speaking "townspeople" or even the dreaded...trees. You won't find any roles like that in my plays, because I refuse to write boring parts for children. My philosophy of playwriting is simple: the characters, the story, and lines the actors speak must be meaningful and interesting to them. Kids are smart, perceptive and highly inventive. They need roles they can sink their teeth into, whether they have lots of experience on stage or not. No matter how large or small, a character needs to appeal to the person playing it; this is the only way to ensure that young actors are fully engaged and invested in the dramatic process. That's why my scripts have LOTS of fun, honest, juicy, and memorable characters. When it comes to each play's theme or message, I always write with young people and the issues they grapple with in mind. My plays revolve around common "kid agendas" such as social struggles, family dynamic, and eternal questions: "WHO AM I AND WHAT IS MY PLACE IN THE WORLD?!?" My plays promote self-acceptance and the concept of "embracing your inner weirdness." We are all weird, and we are all wonderful."

So, if you have a chance, please check out my website.  I'm very excited about it and very proud (especially of the amazing work my sister did to make the site look so flippin' good).  AND please pass it along to anyone you may know who's in need of a super-fun, super weird, super do-able script for kids. xo  

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