The Bright and Shiny Future of Moxie!

  Hey, there! It's been a while since I updated this blog. Two years, to be exact.  It's been two years since we left the sailing li...


Hey, there! It's been a while since I updated this blog. Two years, to be exact.  It's been two years since we left the sailing life, packed up our Craiglist Volvo and drove back to Colorado to resume a life on land after 3+ years at sea and on the go. If you're unfamiliar with our story, I will fill you in...

We are Jen and Travis Julia, high school sweethearts who grew up together in Maine and eventually took root in Telluride, Colorado. We have two children, Hudson (14) and Vivian (11).  I, Jen, am a children's theatre dirctor and freelance writer, and Travis owns a property management company.    

In 2015 we decided that we were ready to take life by the horns and box up our safe, tidy life for more adventure, smart risks, and an unconventional way of living. Our goal was to live a life with fewer rules, more diversity, and more time together. We had chartered sailboats as a family and knew that life at sea was what worked for us and would be a way to scratch our wanderlust itch We spent the next 14 months preparing for traveling life, first by changing the way we spent money and nixing the frivolous expenditures and things we didn't really need. We read and researched, made lists of what we'd need to accomplish before taking off.  Our to-do list was a giant timeline that looked like this:

Over time, we sold most of our belongings and packed up the rest so that we could rent our house. We also bought a sailboat, a Mason '43 monohull built in 1982. We named her Moxie, after the lake in Maine where my husband spent a good chunk of his childhood, a very special place for our entire family. Fourteen months after making the decision to travel, we left Colorado and our adventures at sea (and beyond) took flight.


After three and a half years of traveling, we returned to Telluride and to land life. I won't kid you-- after all of that time of freedom, togetherness, constant exploration and learning as a family, the reentry into our "old life" has been tricky.  Additionally, our poor sweet boat suffered two years in a boatyard in Maine-- boats don't like to spend too much time on land (neither do we). 

Our exciting news is that Moxie is now back in the water! Our dear friend, Patrick Brink, a seasoned sailboat captain and a truly lovely person to boot, is currently living on Moxie, addressing a number of projects (par for the course for boat life), and is in the process of sailing her south. Our plan for Moxie is to begin offering chartered boat trips with Patrick, opportunities for families (and anyone, really) to experience life on a sailboat and a slice of the crusing lifestyle. This plan is still in the works, so please stay tuned for the launch of our website and loads of more detailed information.

The next chapter of Moxie's life is beginning and we couldn't be more grateful. Of course, our family will be involved in this next part of the Moxie saga and we are in the process of figuring out just what that will look like-- we are excited to get back aboard our boat and also to introduce others to the sailing life, the life we grew to love so fiercely. 

Thank you for reading and for following our journey. I hope the wait has been worth your while. Stay tuned, friends! We've got lots more adventure in the works!



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