Why Moxie?

The word "Moxie" means something to my family.  First of all, it's the name of the lake that my husband grew up exploring...

The word "Moxie" means something to my family.  First of all, it's the name of the lake that my husband grew up exploring and passionately loving as a child.  His family owns a camp on it, and it's Trav's favorite place on this earth.  Second, the word Moxie is defined as:
Force of Character, Determination, or Nerve.
These are characteristics we aspire to as a family.
(It probably bears mentioning that Moxie is also a rather spicy, "accquired taste" kind of soda that you can only buy in Maine. We don't drink soda, but if we did, I guess we'd drink Moxie.)

We are starting this blog so we can sort out and share and explore the exciting/scary/crazy question-asking phenomenon that is happening within our little family of four.  More on that later.

First, I should tell you a little about us.  We are Travis and Jen, grade school (4th grade to be exact) sweethearts raised in Maine that now live and raise two energetic children (Hudson, 8 & Vivian, 4) in the idyllic ski valley of Telluride, Colorado.  We've lived here happily for 16 years.  I am a children's theater director at a historic Opera House and Travis owns a property management company.  We own a nice house, we are active in the community, we ski and mountain bike and hike and the boys play hockey  and Viv is in dance and gymnastics and I and perform in plays once in a  while.  We have a loyal Chocolate Lab named Sadie that we adopted the same day I found out I was pregnant with Hudson.  We travel.  By many people's definiton, we are living the "good life".  

Four years ago, we began sailing as a family on our  two week spring break vacations.  When I try to pinpoint where the change began in our family, I think that was when it all started. Sailing hit a nerve in us that I didn't even know we had. It's hard to describe, but the expereinec of sailing and all that goes with it-- the spontanaeity, the steep learning curve, the lack of technology, the togetherness, the minimalism, just...fit. To put it simply, sailing woke us up to our own potential, desires, and dreams.

Summer is here in Telluride and it couldn't be more beautiful.  There's so much to do and see- bike rides and festival performances, and weekend trips and visiting friends.  We have weekly adventures with the kids, we work hard, and we love what we do.  We are comfortable, we are content.  And yet...we find ourselves wondering, "What else are we capable of?"  "What else is there out there?" "Is there MORE than this kind of contentment?" and "Should we be finding that out?"

I'm not sure where our lives or where this blog will take us, but this I know--- we are asking questions!  And lots of them.   


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